Food, Drugs & Agriculture

Combatting Food & Drug Adulteration in Punjab

October 05, 2022

South Punjab

Reforming South Punjab: Way Forward

December 04, 2020

Health, Safety and Environment

Championing Health, Safety and Environment Practices at IDAP

January 01, 2019


Reflecting on PKLI's Positive Performance

November 15, 2018

Information Technology

Implementing ERP for Better Performance

October 01, 2018

Environmental Conservation

Incorporating Water Conservation Measures in IDAP Projects

April 17, 2018

Law & Order

Raising Standards in the Fight for Justice

February 16, 2018


Ensuring Economic Growth Through Education

December 05, 2017


Bringing the Best Healthcare to Punjab

November 01, 2017


Providing Hope to Hepatitis Affectees

September 17, 2017


Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab (IDAP) is an autonomous body established under the Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab Act 2016, for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the province, in line with the best international practices, to cope with futuristic development needs. IDAP is a specialized organization free of encumbrances prevalent in public sector departments ... [Read More]