Raising Standards in the Fight for Justice

The Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) is a full service forensic laboratory offering fourteen areas of examination. Forensic science is an important area of criminal justice, involving the scientific examination of physical evidence collected from a crime scene or a person of interest. This area plays a fundamental role in the criminal justice system as it provides irrefutable, scientific evidence through the comprehensive study and analysis of gathered physical evidence. This evidence, collected from a crime scene or an individual, is examined in a laboratory furnished for the conducting of a wide variety of chemical and other analyses.

PFSA’s services include receiving physical evidence from law enforcement agencies on criminal and civil cases and analyzing the forensic evidence for apex courts, investigating agencies, prosecutors and other stakeholders. Recently, the PFSA was instrumental in helping police arrest the main suspects in the Zainab and Asma rape and murder cases.

The Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab (IDAP) is designing and constructing a new laboratory building for PFSA to enhance its facility for providing services to law enforcement agencies and for the training and work of scientific staff. This new facility will help improve the country’s criminal justice system. The new forensic training laboratory building will be established at a site adjacent to the current PFSA building on Multan Road, Lahore.

PFSA’s precise and reliable forensic results are helping advance Pakistan’s criminal justice system. The reliance on scientific physical evidence testimony is of great importance in the judicial system. The well-trained scientists at PFSA work hard to ensure evidence is analyzed quickly and accurately to help law enforcement and court officials dispense justice.

PFSA offers services in the field of forensic science, which include investigations related to audio visual analysis, computer forensics, crime scene and death scene investigation, DNA and serology, forensic photography, narcotics, toxicology, trace chemistry, polygraph, firearms and tool marks, latent fingerprints, pathology and questioned documents. The IDAP team’s work in building a modern and well-equipped PFSA complex will help maintain the high quality of this forensic science laboratory and ensure support for Pakistan’s legal system and for the promotion of justice in the country.

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