Championing Health, Safety and Environment Practices at IDAP

The 21st century has brought with it new demands and an increased focus on sustainability and innovation. We are living in a world where quality products and services and a state-of-the-art facility are no longer the only ingredients to remain a leading organization. It is crucial to understand the indirect impact of employee satisfaction, their motivation and environmental implications on the projects. This has led to an increased importance of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations for organizations.

HSE considerations are a set of policies, laws, and practices that are imperative for the protection of employees, public and the environment. It is the role of the HSE department to ensure the use of appropriate personal protective equipment's, conduct training and awareness programs, assess and evaluate risks and take adequate steps to reduce them. IDAP has taken rigorous steps to ensure the implementation of HSE best practices in the organization. A dedicated team works on all project sites to monitor, report and improve the state of health, safety, and environment.

The HSE team constantly evaluate work sites for possible threats to the employees. Every incident and a near miss is reported and adequate steps are taken for their rectification. Along with these monitoring and reporting activities, employees are trained regularly to minimize the risk of any damage and maximize efficiency in operational health.

Training that is conducted by HSE teams at head office and work sites include firefighting, hot work, work at height, permit to work systems, emergency evacuation drills, and electrical hazard training. IDAP has made it mandatory for every site worker to use personal protective equipment and a strict check is kept for violations. 28.8 million man-hours of training have been completed at worksites since IDAP's inception, till November 2018.

HSE is given a lot of importance globally, but its complete adoption is still in question because many companies consider it a superfluous expense. It is vital for every organization to have an HSE team, that will not only improve the work quality but also contribute to employee motivation, cost reduction, sustainable construction and improvement of company reputation.

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