Quality Assurance

IDAP adopts a policy of actively pursuing ventures which will enhance its reputation for outstanding performance, quality of product and fulfilment of client needs.

IDAP's objectives are to:

  • Maintain an effective quality management system
  • Provide products and services which satisfy our clients' requirements through conformance with contractual and regulatory obligations
  • Encourage quality awareness and personal initiative in employees so as to develop an understanding of and a commitment to the process and continual improvement
  • Document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audit and management reviews

Together with these quality objectives, we are committed to delivering each product and service in a competitive and cost effective manner, on time and using the appropriate resources, including personnel with the relevant experience and training.

These objectives provide the framework for establishing further project based objectives aligned to the project intent and measurable for effectiveness against specific targets.

IDAP will implement and maintain procedures designed to achieve a high standard of efficiency and workmanship consistent with the objective of handing over a finished product, not only satisfying client expectations, but being representative of IDAP and its employees’ commitment to quality.