Ms. Myra Ali

Principal Design and Planning

Ms. Myra Ali has done her Bachelor’s of Architecture from the National College of Arts and Master’s from Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA in Visual Effects and Animation and is enrolled in an MPhil program at University of Cambridge, UK in Interdisciplinary Design in the Built Environment with specific interest in Sustainable Design. Her expertise is in Project Management and Interdisciplinary Design with emphasis on the designing of sustainable buildings and sustainable studies. She has 15 years of diverse experience of working with many well-known firms like Allied Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. in Pakistan and international firms like Emaar and Trident International Holdings in Dubai, UAE.


Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab (IDAP) is an autonomous body established under the Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab Act 2016, for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the province, in line with the best international practices, to cope with futuristic development needs. IDAP is a specialized organization free of encumbrances prevalent in public sector departments ... [Read More]