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Structural Engineering
Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA)

Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) Complex

Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) is being established for forensic examination and testing of fertilizers, pesticides, food and drugs. It consists of three Biosafety Level 3 category laboratories i.e Agriculture, Food and Drug laboratories along with training facilities for young scientists. PAFDA laboratories will be one of a kind in Pakistan and will receive samples from all over Punjab.

The PAFDA project consists of the sample building, main building (9 stories) and an energy centre with a total covered area of 314,733 square feet. It has a state-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity for 500 persons which will be used for conferences and training. All three laboratories will be equipped with the latest lab apparatus and equipment that is being used in the world.

The new Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority Laboratories (PAFDA) is a distinctive project that requires innovative building and design. With sustainability at is core, the design responds to Lahore’s hot summer and monsoon seasons, incorporating both rain and flood protection passive control planning, and extensive solar gains passive control measures. The option for passive measures and daylight capitalization increases the potential for energy savings and reinforces project commitment with energy efficiency. This commitment with sustainability underpins the entire project, extending also to the landscape design that achieves reduced water consumption by use of native and region climate adopted species, and the usage of water conservation-friendly design and irrigation practices.  

Housing sophisticated forensic and research technology, the new PAFDA building aesthetic reflects this modernity while exploring the rich Islamic ‘musharabia’ tradition as inspiration for the façade shading devices, creating an ever-changing dance of light and shadows. With a carefully crafted massing solution to stand out from the surroundings, the design aims to provide a very strong image and presence that inspires confidence and innovation, embracing users (both visitors and staff) at their approach. The building massing ingeniously articulates two main shapes - the auditorium and the tower. Housing the laboratories, the tower has 180-degree views of its surroundings. The administration and training lab is located on the tower’s upper floor capitalizing on the views. At the ground level, the auditorium’s “dynamic equilibrium” massing shape is articulated with the surroundings, creating a distinctive effect, clearly visible for approaching visitors, that acts also as a way finding method.  

Incorporating the latest international requirements and standards, the building’s internal planning and design ensures clear flow segregation and operational security and safety standards, be it at the level of circulations (with staff and visitors segregation); at the level of goods logistics, or at the level of materials storage.